Baby Beau! Prosper, TX Newborn Photographer

This sweet boy was something special. One of my long distance besties flew me all the way to her home in Cleveland, OH to meet and photograph this sweet little love. I had photographed big sister’s newborn session, too, shortly before my last baby was born and his mama wouldn’t have it any other way than to have me be there for little brother too! As it turns out, I have amazing clients who become fast friends and Ashley was no exception. Though a number of states keep us apart, I was so honored to do this for them last year and hope with all hopes that they make their way back to Texas again someday! frisco_newborn_photographer_1091frisco_newborn_photographer_1092frisco_newborn_photographer_1093frisco_newborn_photographer_1094frisco_newborn_photographer_1095frisco_newborn_photographer_1096frisco_newborn_photographer_1097frisco_newborn_photographer_1098rapher

Waiting for Baby Sebastian; Frisco, TX Maternity Photographer

While Sebastian’s first birthday may be approaching this spring, it’s better late than never to bust out the maternity session of his mama and daddy. We hit the very very first breaths of spring this day with those gorgeous white flowers. They were so fleeting that this was the ONLY session I captured them in. Hoping to see them again and will make full use of them.

And Areli was simply one of the most beautiful mama to be’s ever!

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Sweet Caroline! Prosper, TX Newborn Photographer

Sweet Caroline! I love that name and love that song no matter how many times I hear it. This sweet babe was so cute in the delicate pink. And the floral C? Her mama brought that! It doesn’t really get much cuter than that! I always tell my newborn clients they are more than welcome to bring a special something or two and we definitely can incorporate it into your session!

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Smash the Cake! Annie’s 1 year session; Prosper Baby Photographer

One of my favorite things is to see my newborn clients “all grown up” into a sweet, toddling around 1 year old. Sometimes we do these sessions with cake at the end, but it’s not necessary. I also don’t typically photograph them the traditional way (backdrop, balloons, props and other stuff). If you take a gander around my site, my style is very simplistic. My prop stash is small and I’m more concerned about capturing your sweet kiddo than I am switching out all kinds of different props and set ups.

Annie here? She wins the award for best cake smasher ever. Like, EVER. In my nearly 8 years of business, I’ve seen a kid or two attempt to smash a cake and it usually goes one of 3 ways:

1. Wants absolutely nothing to do with it. Won’t touch it, won’t eat it.

2. Licks a little (or a lot) of frosting, either on their own or with a parent’s help, gets dirty and then wants nothing to do with it.

3. Goes all in. Wheels off.

I haven’t had very many that fall in the number 3 category. Goodness, even my own three children didn’t fall into that category. My oldest got the closest  (ironic since he has always been my pickiest eater due to sensory/texture issues), my middle wanted nothing to do with it, and my 3rd baby was more concerned with eating some decorative stuff I had next to her than diving into the cake.

Back to Annie. It was total wheels off. She literally, on her own, smashed that cake to pieces. And it just might be one of my favorite pictures, ever. Scroll to the bottom to see for yourself!


Venteicher Family at Sunrise; Prosper, TX Family Photographer

If you’ve been following my work for awhile, you know that I love my sunrise sessions. Fun fact? My weekend sunrise sessions for last fall actually sold out first! I can’t begin to describe how happy it makes me that my sweet clients are more than willing to brave those early hours to catch that sun over the horizon. It’s quiet and peaceful and that donut bribe usually goes a long way with kiddos. (My own kids appreciate the rewards of mama being up early enough to have them here when they wake up too!).

As the spring progresses, sunrise will creep up to that really early hour where we begin shooting prior to 7am, but I promise it’s worth it! Take a peek at the Venteicher sweet family of 3 for a little taste of what it could look like!

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