Baby Brantley; Frisco, TX Newborn Photographer

Mr. Brantley came to me way back in early fall! I have a lot of catching up to do, it seems! Don’t you just love his hair? Take a peek at the family photos. Mom and dad nailed my suggestion of “neutral photographs best”. These options look so good against my beige wall and compliment seamlessly.

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Mucci Kiddos; Frisco, TX Family Photographer

What do you get when you pair mom’s styling perfection with two adorable kiddos who actually enjoy the camera and ham it up for you? This. You get this adorable little brother and sister session complete with a gorgeous fall sunset! I couldn’t be happier with this session and had the hardest time selecting which images to post! These two have already signed up for a spring session with Snapberry Photographs and I simply can’t wait to see what mom comes up with next!

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Woods Family; Frisco, TX Family Photographer

I’ve been photographing sweet Charlotte’s family since she was just a week old, so I can’t tell you how excited I was, to be deep in the trenches of my busy fall to get an email from her dad requesting a session as a surprise for mom. Yes, you read that right, dad booked this session without mom knowing. What’s even better is despite being fully booked for some time, all the stars aligned and they were able to jump in one of my cancellation spots.

I also had major dress envy over Sarah’s dress.

Also important to note, we did NOT have any sunshine for their session. I know that the vast majority of my posts include that gorgeous sun we all love (whether it be sunrise or sunset), but since I can’t control the weather (as much as I desperately wish I could!), sometimes, we shoot with the clouds. And because my end game is to capture photos that showcase your love and connection, the sun is merely a bonus and not my focal point. At the end of the day, it’s photos like those shown here that I’m after.

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Fontenot Family; Prosper, TX Family Photographer

I’ve honestly lost count of how many times this fabulous family has stepped in front of my lens. Nearly 2 years ago they were brand new clients. I believe we originally bonded over homemade brew and the rest is history. We’ve met the majority of our friends through my lens and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a special kind of honor when friends choose you and trust you over and over and it warms my little photographer heart.

The late November sun matched up perfectly with their outfits and these two kiddos are some of my favorites so I can’t help but love this session to pieces and hope you do too!

Snapberry Photographs is a portrait photography studio located in Frisco, TX. Currently booking spring sessions and newborns for 2017. Inquire for more information via the contact button.



Perfect Session Styling with the Wells Family; Frisco, TX Family Photographer

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the Wells family this past fall. Mom’s outfit choices were sheer perfection. I love the sparkle of her little girl’s shirt with the fall sunlight. If you are ever wondering what to wear to a family photography session with Snapberry Photographs, this is a perfect example of comfort and style. Her kids were able to move around freely without complaining of being too hot or constricted. The color palette remained neutral across the board, but everything complemented each other seamlessly. The pop of big sister’s sparkle was the perfect contrast for it all.

I get asked the outfit question quite often. What colors? What to wear? Does this look good with this? Etc. Etc. We often over think it (myself included for my own sessions), so my first line of advice is to pick one outfit. Make it your mission to find the perfect outfit for your youngest. Or you. Or your only girl. Once you’ve simply fallen in love with one outfit, I promise, it will be so easy to build and compliment around it. My most crucial reminder is, however, to remember that I am photographing you and your family. I’m photographing your connection, your love, the unprompted smiles, giggles, embraces and even silly faces. I will elicit those no matter what your outfits look like, I promise. And you will love them.

Snapberry Photographs is a portrait photography studio located in Frisco, TX. Currently booking spring sessions and newborns for 2017. Inquire for more information via the contact button.