Callahan Family, Part 2; Frisco, TX Family Photographer

Love this beautiful family and the mama more than I can say! Always, always an honor to have another photographer hire you. Jen’s work is fabulous! Can’t wait to see if that is baby Kingston or baby Kennedy in a few short months!


Happy Anniversary, H Family; Frisco, TX Family Photographer

I love ALL of my clients. They all have fabulous ideas and knock outfit styling out of the park.

This session though, I was over the moon excited about it ever since mom initially emailed me her idea. Her and her husband were celebrating 10 years of marriage and she was going to get back in her wedding dress for some of the photos. Love the idea, love it. And kudos, Roxy, for totally rocking that dress 10 years later post 3 kids. You look amazing!

And these three little ladies? Best mannered children I’ve ever photographed. And their outfits? Spot on. Roxy, please bring them back to me ANYTIME! Y’all are just gorgeous!